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The Cloud

Phoenix47 have developed a range of specialist services enabling organisations to build out their Hybrid Cloud and IT Strategy focusing on transformation, high-performance computing, and cost effective solutions with total reliability and security.

Our wealth of experience is focused on:

  • Cloud realisation
  • Cloud strategy and design
  • Digital transformation
  • SAAS Strategic consulting
  • Data strategy and consultation

The adoption of cloud services has driven the datacentre towards a ‘Hybrid Cloud’.  Business critical systems are retained, with the remainder virtualised in a public or private cloud.  ‘Scale out’ infrastructure means no longer procuring IT infrastructure and storage up-front but on-demand, as you need it.  Managing this journey to the cloud can be infinitely complex when you consider retaining service levels back to the business and the technical knowledge required to implement this transition.

Benefits to your business

Knowing your business data is safe, secure and agile, accessible at anytime, anywhere, and provides significant performance improvements in a secure environment is critical. Our cloud consultancy services are designed to help organisations provide secure, easy, and scalable access to applications, resources and services.

IT Security

Without doubt, threats from malicious attacks via the internet, viruses, worms and trojans are a serious threat to any business, and increasingly becoming more sophisticated and harder to detect.

Phoenix47 provide consultancy services that deliver continuous security and assurance for business and government.  This helps organisations reduce risk and adher to the latest compliance, governance and legislation.

Weaknesses in information security can threaten an organisations goals, profitability and status.  If you are not completely confident in your information security status or your ability to manage IT risk, then please contact us.  Our areas of expertise focus on:

  • Vulnerability assessments
  • GDPR and data leakage prevention
  • PCI compliance
  • IT risk management
  • Digital security services
  • Penetration testing
  • Mobile security services
  • Threat management


Whether an organisation owns their own datacentre, or commissions a service provider, they need to manage their IT Infrastructure and facilities very effectively. This includes the hardware, software, networks, data centres, facilities and IT services. Providing a converged infrastructure or cloud computing can optimise and create increased efficiency, agility and business resilience.

Phoenix47 has created a number of Consultancy services that address many of the issues faced by organisations today. They can be provided and delivered using a number of methodologies, our areas of expertise include:

  • Datacentre strategy
  • Migration services
  • Consolidations
  • Space, cost, power
  • Hybrid integrations
  • Converged systems


Providing a plan to maximise your enterprise software investment is essential.  The CRM and ERP application solutions used by organisations today provide the transactional functions used to drive the business, these comprise of packages such as accounting and financial, human resources, supplier relationship, enterprise performance management, and  many others.  Ensuring you have an effective plan will improve both internal efficiency and customer delivery.  Phoenix47 has a range of expert consulting skills and capabilities that drive operational efficiency through your applications, with a focus on:

  • Application performance assessments
  • Application design, implementation and integration
  • Customisation and software development
  • Application profiling and consolidation
  • Hybrid migrations and integrations (on and off premises)


At Phoenix47 we understand open system architectures in telecommunications networks, public, private and hybrid clouds and the ability to integrate multi-vendor environments.

Many organisations struggle to scale and support their IT environments due to badly planned network constraints.  Many of these challenges can be avoided with proper planning and technical knowledge.

By achieving the highest levels of wireless and wired network performance, application visibility and user experience, we can help your organisation make informed and confident decisions on how to strengthen an existing network or build new ones, our capability focuses on:

  • Network Assessments
  • Network design, integration and implementation
  • Capacity planning
  • Performance analysis
  • Network testing

Project Management Office (PMO)

Phoenix47 has a comprehensive project management capability.  We provide both standard and tailored project management services for all sizes of Information technology projects and programs.   Our skill set is wide and our project management capability spans many different technologies.

We also provide a comprehensive PMO function (Project management office), that creates high quality reporting, cost control and resource management, and our areas of expertise include:

  • Full range of IT Project management services
  • PMO function
  • Vendor management
  • Project recovery services
  • Resource management