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How We Helped a Client in a Concert Hall


The Brief


Phoenix47 engaged with the client following a requirement to review their end to end infrastructure with recommendations of best practice, which would lead onto a disaster recovery planning followed by a full disaster recovery test.


What We Did


This was a three phased project, discovery and best practice recommendations, planning and test. Following on from an end to end infrastructure health check and recommendations we identified and successfully implemented, followed by a write up document of findings.

Phase 2 involved sitting with the client and mapping out the run books of activity that would need to be performed by the client at various stages in the event of a disaster, this allowed the client to be confident we had covered the required eventualities and the steps to recovery.

Phase 3 weekend of the disaster recovery test, we shadowed the client as observers and additional technical support if required allowing the client to use the run books we produced to execute a full disaster recovery test failover and successful fail back.


The Results


The outcome of the full disaster recovery test was a total success, seamless failover and failback with no issues. The client had clear run books to follow and the health check and recommendations at the beginning of the project enabled the client to have piece of mind and tested business recovery should the inevitable happen.

If you decide to outrun your competition by outsourcing your IT projects, Phoenix47 can help you develop strategies, manage projects and offer insight.

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