CloudSpec Rebranded to phoenix47

A design and marketing agency has worked closely with phoenix47 to rebrand from CloudSpec. This reflects the broad Professional Service capabilities (not just cloud based Professional Services) and also gives the brand a much fresher look.

Ed Crane, CEO phoenix47

“On joining CloudSpec and setting out our Strategic Plan and Vision, I wanted us to be a broader  ‘go to’  IT business. Cloud is a critical part of most IT strategies; however, we can provide Support, Managed and Professional Services over and above Cloud based Solutions. I felt the onus needs to be more on Digital Transformation and felt a re-brand would be the vehicle to underpin this journey”.

On asking Ed why phoenix47….”Working closely with our Design and Marketing agency, we decided on phoenix47 as it was our combined ages (demonstrating maturity and a nod to our heritage) and phoenix aligned itself to the rising of a special IT company (a phoenix rising). The colour scheme for our new branding was also important as phoenix47 lends itself well to a strong and vibrant red-orange we have used in our logo. This depicts our agility and energy.”

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